Photographer: Mattias Pettersson

André Mateus

Assistant Professor, Team leader
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André has a MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Lisbon (Portugal). He did his PhD at Uppsala University (Sweden) with Prof. Per Artursson, working on developing a method to measure intracellular unbound drug concentrations. He then moved to the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg (Germany) for his postdoc with Dr. Mikhail Savitski and Dr. Athanasios Typas. His work focused on implementing thermal proteome profiling (TPP) in bacteria and other microorganisms and using it to identify drug targets or biological phenomena.

Since February/2022, he joined the department of Chemistry at Umeå University (Sweden) as an assistant professor jointly with an appointment as a team leader at the Laboratory for Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden (MIMS). His research focus lies on mapping and modulating protein function in microbial species (particularly, the human gut microbiome) using proteomics and systems biology approaches.

Photographer: Mattias Pettersson

Shaochun Zhu

Senior research engineer

Shaochun has a BSc in Biotechnology and a MSc in Pathogen Biology from Anhui Medical University (China). During his PhD at Fudan University (China) in Prof. X. M. Zhang’s lab he developed multidimensional liquid chromatography to separate and quantify proteins in human plasma. He then worked as a lab scientist on proteomics and metabolomics research at Shanghai Applied Protein Technology Co. Ltd. (China). He moved to Umeå for a postdoc at the Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Neuroscience, followed by a period as an analytical chemist at Umeå Biotech Incubator AB, and as a senior research engineer at the Department of Clinical Science.

Since April/2022, he joined the Mateus lab as a senior research engineer. Shaochun’s role is to ensure that our analytical equipment (liquid chromatography and mass spectrometer) performs at its optimum.

Photographer: Mattias Pettersson

Elisabeth Baland

PhD student

Elisabeth has a BSc in Biology from Université catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) and a MSc in Molecular Microbiology from University of Namur (Belgium). Her master thesis in Dr. Francesco Renzi’s lab focused on characterizing lipoprotein transport to the outer membrane in the Bacteroidetes Flavobacterium johnsoniae. Since June/2022, she joined the Mateus lab as a PhD student. Elisabeth’s project focuses on using biophysical proteomics approaches to study carbohydrate metabolism in gut microbiome species.

Photographer: Mattias Pettersson

Lucía Pérez Jiménez

PhD student

Lucía has a BSc in Health Biology from University of Alcalá (Spain) and a MSc in Molecular Biology from Umeå University (Sweden). Her master thesis in Dr. Björn O. Schröder’s lab focused on establishing a miniaturized cultivation system for anaerobic bacteria. Since September/2022, she joined the Mateus lab as a PhD student. Lucía’s project focuses on identifying and characterizing protein function and drug targets in gut microbiome species using functional proteomics and structural approaches.

Bolor Buyanbadrakh


Bolor has a MSc from the National University of Mongolia. She did her PhD at the National Taiwan University and Academia Sinica under the supervision of Dr. Chung-Hun Lin, with a thesis entitled “Comparative interactome analysis of the peptidoglycan synthesizing complexes in Escherichia coli”. In December/2022, she joined the Mateus lab as a postdoc to work on utilizing proteomics approaches to identify and characterize proteins important for cell envelope integrity of Gram-negative species.


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