Our research interests focus on mapping and modulating protein function in microorganisms, with a particular focus on the human gut microbiome. We want to understand how drugs act and what their mechanisms of resistance are. We also want to map how the species of the microbiome interact with each other physically or via metabolites. Our ultimate goal is to be able to infer the principles of gut microbial community assembly, and how to manipulate it using drugs or diet, in order to promote a healthy state.

We use multiple approaches in our research but our core expertise lies on proteomics, genetics, pharmacology, systems biology, and bioinformatics.

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Read about our currently funded projects:
Proteome-wide functional interrogation and modulation of gut microbiome species (ProFITGut)
Metabolism of carbohydrates by human gut microbiome species


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KBC (Umeå universitet)
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