Welcome Shaochun Zhu to the team!

Shaochun Zhu starts today in the Mateus lab as a senior research engineer! Shaochun has a background in analytical chemistry focusing on the analysis of proteins and metabolites. He will play a critical role ensuring that our mass spec and LC’s are up and running and performing as they should.Shaochun has already been around theContinue reading “Welcome Shaochun Zhu to the team!”

Starting installation of Exploris 480

We have now started the installation of our Orbitrap Exploris 480 and Vanquish Neo! Today the Orbitrap was plugged in and it will bake-out over the weekend. We are looking forward to start running some samples on it. We are extremely thankful for the funding for this instrument from Kempestiftelserna, the Faculty of Science andContinue reading “Starting installation of Exploris 480”