Welcoming Bolor to our team!

Today Bolor Buyanbadrakh starts as a postdoc in our lab. She joins us from Mongolia, after having completed her PhD at National Taiwan University and Academia Sinica under the supervision of Dr. Chung-Hun Lin, with a thesis entitled “Comparative interactome analysis of the peptidoglycan synthesizing complexes in Escherichia coli”. Her work in the lab will…

Recent funding for the lab

We are really happy to have our research funded by two starting grants: one from the Swedish Research Council (VR) and one from the European Research Council (ERC). In the VR grant we will focus on identifying proteins responsible for carbohydrate metabolism in gut microbiome species, while the ERC grant will focus on identifying targets…

Welcome Lucía Pérez to the team!

Lucía Pérez starts today as a PhD student! Lucía has a background in molecular biology. During her PhD she will identify and characterize carbohydrate utilization pathways using functional proteomics and structural approaches in gut microbiome species. Welcome to the team!

Welcome Elisabeth Baland to the team!

Elisabeth Baland starts today in the Mateus lab as a PhD student! Elisabeth has a background in molecular microbiology. During her PhD she will use functional proteomics approaches to identify carbohydrate utilization pathways in gut microbiome species.Welcome to the team!

Welcome Shaochun Zhu to the team!

Shaochun Zhu starts today in the Mateus lab as a senior research engineer! Shaochun has a background in analytical chemistry focusing on the analysis of proteins and metabolites. He will play a critical role ensuring that our mass spec and LC’s are up and running and performing as they should.Shaochun has already been around the…

Starting installation of Exploris 480

We have now started the installation of our Orbitrap Exploris 480 and Vanquish Neo!Today the Orbitrap was plugged in and it will bake-out over the weekend. We are looking forward to start running some samples on it.We are extremely thankful for the funding for this instrument from Kempestiftelserna, the Faculty of Science and Technology and…

Lab opening

Our lab starts today! Stay tuned for some news, such as, when we get new instruments installed, colleagues joining or papers published.

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